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Review: Home Inspection Service

4 months ago

We hired Del to inspect a large home/estate we were purchasing and needed to ensure we had the best of the best on this since this was a HUGE investment for us.

DEL WAS AWESOME!! From first response and phone conversation, I knew I had the right person for the job. Del is highly experienced with a wide ranging background in multiple trades that make his role as inspector and methods of conducting that role absolutely top notch. Unlike most inspectors, Del has zero problem when the customer being on site during the process and is extremely good to teaching you little tricks of the trade and why he's doing things a certain way -- there is method to the madness! ;) He also is extremely balanced and fair in his assessments of what you the home buyer need to assume responsibility for going forward (advise on proper care, things to watch/monitor, etc) as well as issues he recommends be fixed prior to purchasing the home (whether by compensation or the seller repairing/replacing). This also, to his well deserved credit, is unlike a lot of inspectors these days - it seems some hardly glance at things, while others find faults where there's none to be had just to fill a report. You won't have that with Del - he's a straight a shooter as they come! Del is also extremely personable and kind - we were thrilled that he was completely at ease with my 8 year old on the scene, as well as my folks who came along to help out and ask experienced questions from their many years of buying and selling homes across the country. Del not only took extra time for us to ask a ridiculous amount of questions, he also fit us in on very short notice and made no big deal out of it - like this is every day for him. How generous!! Del also uses online services that provide you with an super easy-to-use digital report for reviewing AND for automatically pulling in the sections you want to share with the sellers. You can select for each line item to request repair, replacement, or monetary compensation to do the repairs yourselves. It pulls the photo's right in and Del's comments so you have VERY little work to do!! His fees for service are beyond exceptionally fair priced, and for this top quality of service, I'd say he should charge more considering the level of expertise you are getting with Del!! Look no further friends - this is the inspector you've been searching for!!



Elite Customer Service - Del The Inspector, Inc.

Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI
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Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI

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